Finding the Next Einstein: Why Smart is Relative on Psychology Today

Representative Articles/Op-eds/Other Research

January, 2017: What a century of research reveals about gifted kidsPsychology Today

October, 2016: U.S. colleges ranked by average student brainpowerBusiness Insider (with Abby Jackson and Alex Morrell)

October, 2016: Should I grade-skip my gifted child?The Conversation, The Huffington Post (with Ann Lupkowski Shoplik and Susan Assouline)

September, 2016: 16 life lessons: Lived experience is a fine teacher – Psychology Today

April, 2016: What the world’s wealthiest, self-made women have in common – Quartz, Yahoo! Finance

March, 2016: A nation at risk – how gifted, low-income kids are left behind – The Conversation, The Huffington Post, National Review, Business Insider, Quartz, University of California – Berkeley (with Frank Worrell)

December, 2015: Having smart neighbors could mean a higher income for youQuartz, World Economic Forum (Named “best of the year” by The World Economic Forum)

December, 2015: Here’s why academics should write for the public – The Conversation, The Huffington Post, Northwestern University (with David Miller)

October, 2015: Why are we supporting everyone except our most talented students?Medium: Bright, National Review, Quartz (with Frank Worrell)

September-October, 2015: U.S. public, private, liberal arts, and Ivy League colleges ranked by average student brainpowerBusiness Insider (with Melissa Stanger and Jenna Goudreau)

September, 2015: How do academic prodigies spend their time and why does that matter? – The Conversation, Quartz, World Economic Forum (with Matthew Makel)

July, 2015: By neglecting spatial intelligence, how many Elon Musks have we missed?Quartz, Psychology Today

March, 2015: Frank Bruni is wrong about Ivy League schoolsQuartz, Psychology Today
(cited by The Atlantic)

March, 2015: We should be paying attention to the 1% of brainiacs, not billionairesQuartz

February, 2015: The stubborn pattern of academic aptitude by college major: 1946 to 2014Quartz, World Economic Forum (Named “best of the year” by The World Economic Forum)

October-December, 2014: U.S. public, private, liberal arts, and Ivy League Colleges Ranked By Average Student Brainpower – Business Insider (with Jenna Goudreau)

October, 2014: 1,339 U.S. colleges ranked by average student brainpowerBusiness Insider, Psychology Today [full ranking and discussion here]

October, 2014: There’s no getting around facetime with your kidsQuartz

September, 2014: How do we know if gifted education works?Psychology Today (with Matthew Makel)

September, 2014: Decades of Facebook likes will explain how you became yourselfQuartz (recognized by The Aspen Institute for “best ideas”)

August, 2014: Should the SAT be optional?Quartz (recognized by the American Enterprise Institute for “best ideas”)

August, 2014: The case for starting statistics education in kindergartenQuartz
(cited by Bloomberg)

July, 2014: If You Want To Be Rich And Powerful, Majoring In STEM Is A Good Place to StartQuartz, LinkedIn (cited by The New York Times)

June, 2014: A shocking number of the world’s rich and powerful attended elite collegesBusiness Insider, Inc.

June, 2014: Sorry Jay Mathews, gifted education mattersPsychology Today

May, 2014: It turns out that smart people do run the U.S.Business Insider

April, 2014: More gifted students: Harder to get into the ivies?Business Insider, Psychology Today

April, 2014: Standardized tests: Are we shooting at the messenger?Psychology Today

March, 2014: One size does not fit all: The need for variety in learningNPR Mindshift

March, 2014: Hire like Google? For most companies, that’s a bad ideaLos Angeles Times (with Christopher Chabris)

February, 2014: 8 simple strategies to improve your innovationBusiness Insider, Psychology Today

January, 2014: The best business schools based on GMAT scoresQuartz

January, 2014: Here are 97 books, articles, and movies that will make you smarterBusiness Insider, Psychology Today

January, 2014: Even as a child, Jeff Bezos was a data-obsessed, workaholic geniusQuartz

November, 2013: Nine ways to become smarter than you thinkPsychology Today, Business Insider

November, 2013: Who’s smarter? Republicans and Democrats in congressPsychology Today

October, 2013: The 25 countries with the most brainpowerBusiness Insider (with Max Nisen; cited by The Washington Post), follow up on Psychology Today: What’s the smartest country in the world?

September, 2013: The 25 smartest colleges in AmericaBusiness Insider, Yahoo! [full rankings here] (with Max Nisen)

July, 2013: Why we need to value students’ spatial creativity – NPR Mindshift, Quartz

June, 2013: The art of communicating sciencePsychology Today

February, 2013: Why we need the math police – Education Week (with Lou DiGioia)

February, 2013: Jack Andraka is not an ordinary kidPsychology Today

February, 2013: Do gifted kids want to be a scientific genius today?Psychology Today

December, 2012: How Khan Academy will help find the next EinsteinPsychology Today

November, 2012: The U.S. needs to focus its educational efforts on talented AmericansTechCrunch

October, 2012: Smart people really do rule the world – Business Insider

October, 2012: Don’t believe the myth of the billionaire college dropout – Business Insider

September, 2012: The scary smart are the scary rich – Forbes

July, 2012: Of brainiacs and billionaires – Psychology Today

July, 2012: The SAT needs to be harder – Education Week [ungated version here]

June, 2012: Chess concepts Peter Thiel used to become a billionaire – Business Insider, Inc., Yahoo!

June, 2012: Why the smartest people talk the least – Business Insider

March, 2012: Why is it socially acceptable to be bad at math? – Psychology Today

February, 2012: Could Brain Imaging Replace The SAT? – Psychology Today

November, 2011: Sorry talented, striving matters – Psychology Today

August, 2011: How brainy is your major? – Psychology Today

June, 2011: How do you measure an intellectual giant? – Psychology Today

April, 2011: If you are creative, are you also intelligent? – Psychology Today

March, 2011: America’s got talent – Psychology Today

March, 2011: Will we ever find the next Einstein? – Psychology Today

Representative Interviews

March, 2017: Can intelligence or personality compensate for disadvantage? Psychology Today

September, 2014: Intelligence is critical to the future of humankind: Douglas Detterman – Psychology Today

June, 2014: Reinventing the boundaries of science journalism: Thomas Lin – Psychology Today

December 2013: We are not as smart as we think: Tyler Cowen – Psychology Today

November, 2013: Does technology make us smarter?: Clive Thompson – Psychology Today

September, 2013: The geography of creativity: Enrico Moretti – Psychology Today

September, 2013: The sports gene: David Epstein – Psychology Today

February, 2013: How to live a meaningful life: Marty Nemko – Psychology Today

December, 2012: Khan Academy and the next Einstein: Sal Khan – Psychology Today

October, 2012: Talent in education and business: Norman Augustine – Business Insider

August, 2012: Finding the next Carl Sagan: Adam Frank – Psychology Today

June, 2012: Science writing can save lives: Tim Folger – Psychology Today

January, 2012: The educational world is flat: Tom Vander Ark – Psychology Today

December, 2011: A polymath physicist: Steve Hsu – Psychology Today

June, 2011: The magic of great literature: James Flynn – Psychology Today